6 responses to “Words from the Bishop: Don’t Eject God From the Schools, Then Ask Where He Was”

  1. Michael Schumacher
    “To think that gun-control laws are going to disarm criminals is laughable. That whole willingness-to-break-the-law thing is what makes them criminals in the first place.”

    Exactly. Besides, a murder can be committed with a steak knife. Should we make laws restricting ownership of steak knives? A murder can be committed with bare hands if one is strong enough. Should we make laws restricting the possession of strong hands?

    The problem is not access to weapons. The problem is the destruction of the moral order caused by the culture of death. When a million innocent babies are allowed to be slaughtered in their mothers’ wombs each year, it sends the message that the way to deal with stress is to kill indiscriminately. Human life is no longer considered sacred. Few still believe we are made in the image and likeness of the True God.

    If we believe we are nothing but savage beasts, we will surely act as such. If we believe we are the sons of the Most High God, we will act with the dignity worthy of such a title.
  2. Debra Yates
    I’ve been wondering if “maybe” a good way to share God’s Word in public schools, is to have a religious service come in on Friday’s for different denominations. A Priest in one area for Catholic kids, a Rabbi for Jewish kids, and a Protastant Minister for Protastant kids. This way nobody can scream, no fair!

    Of course no child would be “forced” to attend any service if a parent chose to opt out. But at least this would give some kids the opportunity access to God from a clergyman, who they may not have an opportunity to do so with on the weekend.
  3. Debra Yates
    Yeah, I know Ben, it’s HIGHLY unlikely anything like that would be implemented into the public school system. But “if only” people did come forward and say to the school board, lets find a way to make this happen, without infringment upon the FFRF “rights”, but they are not the only one’s with “rights”! And that is something that they FFRF needs to understand. As I meantioned, no child would be forced to attend any service without parental concent.

    I just don’t approve of “teachers” involvement in leading prayer. I want to see someone who’s in a clergy position with that responsibility.

    Merry Christmas Ben, God Bless you.


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