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  1. Debra Yates
    In response to “receiving the eucharist on the tongue, while kneeling”, well… it’s not that I’m opposed to it, but I just wasn’t taught to do that when I went through catechism.

    I will say this, at the recent “Blessed John Paul 2nd event” at St. Maria Goretti Church (yes, saw you as an active participant at the mass), I tried to receive on the tongue, from the Bishop! And I fouled that up, but the Bishop was very kind in guiding me, without even having to say one word.

    “If” a Priest perfers this method of administering the eucharist, I wish they’d tell me, I am very compliant, (as I want to be a “good Catholic”). But I will definitely need an explaination of how it should be done. I was sort of nervous with the Bishop and not sure if I remember what it is I am supposed to do?
  2. Debra Yates
    Hey Ben:

    I asked Fr. Sasse about this after Mass this morning. He explained how to receive it on the tongue. (So now I know. ) I am sure for the first few times of doing it this way, I am going to be very nervous, but I suppose its just a matter of getting use to this new way.

    But thanks for writing this thread, it is something I have been wondering about since the “Blessed John Paul 2nd event.”


  3. Pat
    I’m not sure it’s accurate to say kneeling iab the preferred way to receive communion.
    1. Michael Schumacher
      Francis Cardinal Arinze, as Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, said that reception on the tongue while kneeling is “the traditional and preferred form.”


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