5 responses to “The Liberal Double Standard or White Men for Romney!”

  1. Anonymous
    Ben – I myself an “personally troubled” with Romney’s Morminism!! There is a big contriadiction of it, to Catholic teachings. Please, I emplore you to at least googal: Mormon Cosmology – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Then scroll down to – Cosmic divinity. (there is your contradiction). Also Ben – I “converted” for a time into mormonism, from 11 – 16. Yes, my Catholic parents allowed me to do that. But I left it at 16 and returned to the church, so trust me Ben, I know what I am talking about here! Of course you can also get ticked off at me and delete this response, but that wont change one thing with what I am saying. Have a nice wekend,
  2. Julie @ Trinity Acres
    Your “politically correctness” needs work… women are a “SUBset”?! *chuckle*
    You crack me up. You always make me smile.

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