7 responses to “My Thorough Review: Saint Edmund Campion Extraordinary Form Missal and Hymnal”

  1. Julie
    Superb review and my thoughts exactly in every aspect…. right down to the ribbons.
  2. N. Vertucci
    Nicely said and very detailed. I saw your review picked up by Chant Cafe and now I’m looking forward to your other writing. This seems a splendid companion to their Vatican II Hymnal and a good alternative for many, most, to a traditional missal and/or Graduale/Kyriale. Again, nicely done!
  3. Matthew Roth
    Awesome post! Will buy this…before I get a hold of the 4th edition of O’Connell, and the Summorum Pontificum edition of Fortescue.
  4. Frank Chow
    Great review! Thanks very much for anticipating all my questions.
  5. Jim Holden
    How do I order a few copies of the missal?
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