2 responses to “Rep. Gwen Moore: Huh?!?!”

  1. Michael Schumacher
    Why do some folks always have to make such a big deal about “black children” as opposed to “white children”???


    Isn’t it ironic that these are the folks who insist on perpetuating the idea of racial disparity? The same ones who cry, “Racism!” at every possible chance? The same ones who speak great words about “equality,” and then they go on and talk about how the races are so different?!

    Get over it. I don’t care that you’re a “black woman” who had “black babies.” You are a woman. They are babies. God created them all. God loves them all.

    We have no right to murder any of them. God will avenge all their deaths equally, whether it was a “white baby” that was murdered or a “black baby” that was murdered or a “red baby” that was murdered or a “yellow baby” that was murdered.
  2. JP
    How could you Ben? :)

    The Youtube channel is Nancy Pelosi’s, sure hope she doesn’t have Google adsense enabled.

    (Otherwise she is getting money from you.)

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