9 responses to “A Reflection for us post-election”

  1. julie
    That is lovely, Ben.
  2. Michael Schumacher
    Likewise, in the 1961 Office, the third Lesson at Matins today (Ezechiel 7:10-13):

    Behold the day, behold it is come: destruction is gone forth, the rod hath blossomed, pride hath budded. Iniquity is risen up into a rod of impiety: nothing of them shall remain, nor of their people, nor of the noise of them: and there shall be no rest among them. The time is come, the day is at hand: let not the buyer rejoice: nor the seller mourn: for wrath is upon all the people thereof. For the seller shall not return to that which he hath sold, although their life be yet among the living. For the vision which regardeth all the multitude thereof, shall not go back: neither shall man be strengthened in the iniquity of his life.

    Spera in Deo, quoniam adhuc confitebor illi.
  3. Debra Yates
    Very nice indeed!!
  4. Heather
    Yep! Exactly what Bishop talked to us about with us in class yesterday. He quoted ‘O God Beyond All Praising’:

    “And whether our tommorows be filled with good or ill, we’ll triumph through the sorrow and rise to bless You still”!

    Therefore, clearly this is God’s permissive will, though not his promotive will, and we will press on through the sorrow and keep becoming who we are meant to be – just as our good Bishop said! =)
  5. Debra Yates
    Hey Heather:

    Bishop Morlino came to speak to your class? Are you a student at Edgewood College? How can I get in on this class? :-) I am always interested whenever someone of the clergy teaches. It’s okay to be taught by a lay teacher, but there is something a little “extra” in being taught by the clergy/nuns. These people have dedicated their lives to the church therefore, it sort of makes the the authority to the lesson.


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