Other Miscellaneous Musical Resources

This page contains various resources created at request. If you have a request, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

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Single Books

Containing all of the changing texts needed for the choir or schola.

Australia Day: PDF

For this book, I composed the entrance and communion antiphons, and the responsorial psalm. The offertory antiphon is from Simple English Propers, and I retypeset it to match the style of the rest of the book.

St. Christopher Parish Mission: PDF

This book includes exposition, sung vespers, chanted divine mercy chaplet, and benediction.

Worship Aids for Special Masses

I also am well versed with typesetting worship aids and other things you may need. Below are a few commissioned examples that I have created for one person. These worship aids included re-typesetting all the hymns and chants in either lilypond (modern notation) or gregorio (chant notation, also known as neumes) in order to fit the booklet well, as well as composing the responsorial psalm, creation of a cantor score with verses for the psalm, alleluia, and communion, as well as other custom aspects to fit the needs of the situation in which they were used, such as the back page.

If space is available, I can also incorporate art, as this person had requested.

Music Typesetting: Christus Vincit

Typeset for the Feast of Christ the King for the Cathedral Parish Schola Cantorum

PDF - MuseScore File

Music Typesetting: Brass Interludes

These brass interludes were composed by Ryan Dingess, for use with Ostrowski’s Gloria in honor of Saint Ralph Sherwin, and I typeset them. It was created in MuseScore.

PDF - MuseScore File

SATB Arrangement: Hoog Verheft

Source: Communion chant II for January 1, from the Klein Graduale (Dutch adaptation of the Graduale Simplex)

Harmonization by Ben Yanke:  PDFPNGMIDI

Commissioned by Steven van Roode

Sheet music: O God Beyond All Praising (Thaxted)

Created for the 2012 Unveiled retreat. This is the official hymn of the Diocese of Madison for the Year of Faith.


English Plainsong adaptation: December 19 O Antiphon

A closely literal adaptation using the current ICEL LOTH translation of the antiphon text.


All Souls Chanted Readings

Prepared for Holy Family Homeschooler’s All Souls Mass.


Announcement of Movable Feasts – 2013

To be chanted on the feast of the epiphany. This edition has the dates for 2013.

PDF files: Modern Notation - Neumes

Responsorial Psalm: 4th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Yr. C

Composed for the Diocese of Madison’s 2013 Frassati Fest.


Communion: O Taste and See

Melody, text, and psalm tone from Fr. Weber’s adaptation of the Graduale Simplex (Ordinary Time, Mass VIII). Verses from the Revised Grail Psalms. Arranged by Ben Yanke.

Created for the Diocese of Madison’s 2013 Frassati Fest.


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