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  1. Terrible Beauty
    [...] cover:Praise Bands – Ben Yanke, From the Ordinary to the Extraordinary [...]
  2. Fr Bill
    I program a 24/7 Christian rock, metal and hip hop radio station [on the air at 101.3 fm in northern Nevada and online at renegaderadio (dot) org].
    We avoid praise music.
    We hear from listeners, many of whom are pagan, that they like our music mix and are surprised that we play “Christian” music. They continue to listen. Other contacts via email indicate that some listeners have come over to Christ as somehow influenced by the music we play. We somehow attract bikers who have become Christians but who like heavy music.
    In the 1990s we began, and the Christian Rock music then was almost as bad as many guitar groups found at Roman Catholic mass. Since it is not a sin to tune us out they did and we figured we needed better material. Nowadays many Christian rock tunes are crossing over into mainstream and hold up in artistry.
    Another thing is happening: The “holy hip hop” artists are gaining mainstream airplay. While I am not a fan of hip hop, I am really encouraged by how holy hip hop artists are truly “sold out” for Jesus Christ and want to tell their stories to the general populace.
    But praise bands – nahh.

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