2 responses to “Geeky Liturgical Humor for Advent”

  1. Missy Farber
    Where are commemorations made in Advent of the feria when the propers of the day are said?
  2. Michael Schumacher
    In case you haven’t seen it, Fr Augustine Thompson, OP posted this comment on Fr Z’s blog:

    “True story at our House of Studies in Oakland back in the 1950s: One of the priests was always slow into the sacristy, asking “is there a Gloria today? is there a Credo today? One day he got there with only enough time to get his vestments on and leave with the procession.

    All the coventual Masses were then Solemn Masses and sung, so all went fine until he intoned the Creed. What followed was the following sung dialogue:

    Priest: Credo in unum Deum.
    Cantor: Non habemus.
    Priest: Deo gratias.

    Wish I could add the music, but I think most of our readers can add it.”

    Turns out this wasn’t mere geeky liturgical humor after all!

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