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  1. Michael Schumacher
    Wonderful! I had no idea the OF Mass even allowed a second Collect. That’s one aspect I’ve always thought is much better in the EF. If two saints’ feast days fall on the same day, celebrate one, commemorate the other. Now the priest just picks one and omits the other (or says the Mass of the feria and omits all optional memorials). And, in Advent and Lent, we can have both the prayers of the penitential season, and still commemorate the saint.

    I hope we see a resurgence in this “element of continuity!” We need to pray for the intercession of as many holy saints as possible in this age.
  2. Michael Schumacher
    Indeed, the Holy Father has done other similar things — like include the Gradual rather than a Responsorial Psalm (http://wdtprs.com/blog/2011/12/something-amazing-and-revolutionary-during-the-holy-fathers-midnight-mass-which-i-missed/). I have read that His Holiness also has the choir sing the traditional 3×3 Kyrie frequently.

    And, now that I think of it, in the Divine Office of Paul VI, during Lent commemorations of Saints (an extra reading in the OOR, extra Collect at MP and EP) can be made in place of memorials. Perhaps the “Reform of the Reform” — if and when it comes — will include more opportunities for commemorations.
    1. ytc
      True, but the gradual is actually in the rubrics and is allowed per the GIRM. Admittedly, commemorations are not. However, I’m not complaining! Let the commemorations and graduals, Baroque architecture and Roman chasubles rain down wonderfully.

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