7 responses to “Congratulations, Fr. Z!”

  1. julie
    That is one amazingly awesome piece of news. I vote Ben for VP. :)
  2. Heather
    Really? I mean, I heard he was coming here, but do you know how that happened?
  3. Wes
    Ben…what do you mean? Is he being incardinated? I’m doing the best I can not to freak out until there is more information………..
  4. Elizabeth
    Now THAT is some excellent news!
  5. Michael Schumacher
    For all interested, Fr Z’s first scheduled (public) EF Mass in Madison will be November 25, 7am at Holy Redeemer. It will be a Missa Cantata (Sung Mass with incense) for the Last (24th) Sunday After Pentecost.

    Fr Z is also scheduled to celebrate a Low Mass for the 4th Sunday of Advent, December 23, also 7am at Holy Redeemer.

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