10 responses to “The Catholic Disneyland that is St. Mary’s in Pine Bluff”

  1. Andy
    Ben, I agree with everything you said about St. Mary’s and Fr. Heilman BUT I don’t think describing it as “Disneyland” does it any favors! LOL.
    1. Michael Schumacher
      Ha! I had the exact same thought as Andy about the comparison to Disney. I know what you’re getting at though, Ben.

      There are many reasons here to pray a lot for Fr Heilman too, because I can guarantee that Satan is absolutely infuriated by everything that is listed in this post!

      May Our Lady and the holy Archangels protect Father as he continues to fight the good fight!
  2. JP
    Fr. Rick is da man. :)

    (I mentioned he was my confirmation sponsor, right?)
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  4. C
    Check out St. Peter Church in Omaha,NE The pastor is on fire for the Lord! A real live communion rail is still in use and many of the other tings you mention in your article are happening there.
  5. Elizabeth
    It doesn’t get much better than St. Mary of Pine Bluff with the good and holy Fr. Rick.
  6. Elizabeth D
    Ben, I just LOVE this post! Can I put the whole post on my blog?
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