4 responses to “Another Example of Classic Liberal Over-Regulation”

  1. andy cardinal
    The “nanny state” wins again! I think there will be a $60 fine per offense too. Outrageous.
  2. Kat
    And if this had been done before the recall election, Walker totally wouldn’t have won, yada, yada, yada.

    This is ridiculous — I was sent a card indicating my “changed” voter poll location only two months before the election, and I received the “Dear Registered Voter” mailing from whatever pac that was. If I couldn’t find my way to the polls (in two hours(!) in a city this size), it’s my own fault.

    And this chick at the meeting was a student? In college? Hopefully not studying political science…or geography.
  3. Debra Yates
    Ben: Now that’s funny!! LOL!

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